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Laurel Ann Browne, Professional Astrologer, Psychic Austin, TX  


Welcome and thank you for stopping by!  My name is Laurel Ann Browne, I'm a Professional Astrologer and Psychic in Austin, TX area.  Please spend some time here and you’ll learn a lot including Radio Shows and Free Classes. I have over 35+ years of continuous service for satisfied clients across the United States and Canada. I have been called a warrior bust breaking pioneer of the new golden age! Action and Compassion is a motto I live by.

I am clairvoyant by birth and empath by heart. My strength lies in my ability to connect with people's thoughts, feelings, and intentions. I am a Wayshower of truth and knowledge, with a sustained series of studies of religious history, advanced astrology, esoteric numerology, mythology, metaphysical depth and developed my own approach to psychology and alternative health.  I am a medical intuitive, medical astrologer and certified holistic counselor, a past certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), past substance abuse counselor (CAC III), and parent educator for gifted but Attention Deficit, Autistic children, sometimes called the "Indigos, Rainbows, Crystal Children" and high-risk youth, (CPE).

Additionally, these Quantum Readings can be Done Long Distance - Every call and every reading are sacred to me. My credentials and experience have brought me to a place and time where I am able to help you wherever you are on your earthly journey at this time in your life. I am well known over the many years of counseling for using wisdom, discretion and sage advice. My Testimonials speak for themselves. I am here for you and my best readings are all about you.

I utilize the above gifts and tools to detect patterns, life cycles, and upcoming events. and have helped bring clarity to the lives of many people around the world. I deliver readings in a caring, positive and honest manner. I will reach your soul and leave you with the courage, knowledge, and direction you desire to continue your journey through life. Call me now, not only will I tell you what could be, I will show you how to create what will be. 

My great grandmothers were Cherokee medicine woman from both parents. Shamanism is natural for me and the way of the Medicine Wheel – I am called “White Wolf Medicine Woman”. I work with herbs, essential oils, crystals and gemstones, candles and colors for your specific needs to heal blocked chakras seen in your Aura.

First-time callers are eligible for my Free Psychic Introductory Reading 5-Minute Offer.  I begin by asking your first name and birthday. I quickly and easily pick up your vibrations through your date of birth and the sound of your voice. This clairaudient ability and my clairvoyance allow me to zero in on your reason for calling.

We have a 3-1 Referral Program where you Refer 3 people and get your One-Half Hour Free. This also includes Gift Certificate. Many of my clients are repeat customers throughout the United States and Canada.

What you will get from me is accuracy, consistency, and clear insight from a calm and sincere voice. I am non-judgmental, and I love and respect all backgrounds, relationships, and orientations. I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS 24/7 They can reach out to me at any time of emergency I uniquely bring a calm, reassuring message.

Visionary Change begins with you! Call Now: 512-704-6005 Award-winning, Published, Credentialed, Confidential, Writer, Speaker, Universal Teacher- My studies under the Ascended Masters, the Great White Brotherhood of Light, Galactic Federation of Light-Masters and Angels since the 70’s gives me a unique well-rounded approach to encouraging you on your own journey of life in any given time. Welcome aboard! 

I also offer Consultations and Support to:  Therapists, counsellors, social workers, analysts, businesses, healers, teachers, health practitioners, chiropractors, individuals, couples, young people, parents and children

I Truly Look Forward to Talking with you!