Frequently Asked Questions

Do  I  Need  to Bring  Anything  with  Me? 

No,  just  come  with an  open  mind.  You are  welcome  to bring  a  note  pad. 

Can I  record  the  session?

 Yes,  many  insights,  predictions and  information  are  given.  My  clients say  they  wish they had  brought  a  recorder.


 How  far  ahead  into  the  future  can  a  psychic  see?

 Over the  past  35  years  there  has  been  a  constant  inquiry  about  the  future,  what’s  going to happen  in their  relationships,  and  with their  children,  career  or  finances.  I  have  a proven  record  as  a  gifted  clairvoyant to  see  the  bigger picture. 

Will  I  receive a  healing? 

 I  have  health  issues. As  a  Medical  Intuitive  and  Medical  Astrologer,  I  can pinpoint  your  DNA  signature  given in your  Astrology  Report.  I  read  your Aura  and  heal  the  energetic  field  that needs clearing. 

Are  the  predictions  set  in  stone  for  the  outcome? 

No,  you  have  the  power  of  freewill,  the  choices you make  decide  the  outcome. 

What’s  going  to  happen  in  the  world  so  many  things  are  changing?

 Humanity  is  evolving to  a  higher  awareness knowingly  or  not  we  are  ascending into  the Fifth  dimension  called  the  Ascension process.

 How  are  the  earth  changes  going  to  affect  me? 

 Should  I  move  to  a  safer place? As  a  Relocation  Specialist,  I  can  tell you  where  to  move  if  it  is  an  option for  you.   Even  Edgar  Cayce  and  Nostradamus told  us  about  these  changes.   

How  long  do  these  predictions  last? 

Answers  are  given for  approximately  12 months,  some  have  reported  back  to me  it  was within 2 or  3  days.  It  depends  on  your  energy  vibrations,  intentions  and  what  you  are focusing  on.  

 Will I get married again, if so, should I? 

We are at a point in time where partners just show up if they are meant to be. This is called a divine union or soul mate connection. You will know. There is a benefit of being alone but not lonely as your mate might be on a higher dimension and you are content. 

 Do animals know? 

Animals are instinctive and comforting and sometimes take on your energy to help you. As they say “the loyal dog” is your friend so take care of them wisely.

  Should I get a past life reading?

 You can access the Akashic Records but only with good intent. The record keepers are watching in the ethers. If you have a repeating past life issue in your life, astrology can help with who, when and why.